UGottaEat: A New Social Network for Sharing Meals On-Demand

Tonya Kinlow, the founder of UGottaEat (UGE), left her job as an executive at General Electric to pursue a passion for food. UGottaEat is an app for food entrepreneurs to post, share, review and sell their cuisine to other members. It is creating a new category in the world of culinary where cooking at home isn’t just a hobby but a career. It’s allowing neighbors and friends to see what is being cooked around them.

Kinlow’s team launched the beta app for iPhone users on June 20th, 2017 and for Android users on September 11, 2017. The official launch date is November 2nd.

UGottaEat’s website,, shows the details of the app highlighting the benefits for home cooks, professional chefs, and mindful eaters. Subscribing to the website keeps prospective users informed of the completed app launch date for iOS/Android users and provides access to apply for the Chef Program.

“The Chef Program is the upgraded version of the free UGottaEat app where chefs create meals to sell to anyone in our network,” says Kinlow. “I want our app to be a new category, filling the need of making work fun, by turning a hobby into a career. At UGottaEat, we allow at-home food entrepreneurs to easily decide if they will share their meals, even sell them with people nearby once they have the proper safety certifications.”

UGottaEat’s mission to inspire home chefs and rising culinary talent also has benefits for restaurants, catering groups, and culinary institutions.

Kinlow wants mindful foodies to use the app for what she calls, “Homemade On-Demand.” Eaters will post their cravings and chefs will answer requests anticipating sales. Restaurants and catering groups can use the app to showcase their chefs, test new menu items, discover new culinary talent and have UGE as a resource for affiliate marketing. Culinary institute students and faculty can use this app as a testing ground for culinary lessons and assignments, fundraisers and portfolio building.

UGE wants everyone to feel empowered to share their culinary skills, learn from masters and create a strong network of like-minded foodies.

Please visit the iPhone or Android App Store to download the app for free. 

UGottaEat is an app-based company available for iOS & Android, providing home cooks, chefs, and eaters a new social network for sharing freshly made meals. UGE will launch in Summer of 2017 in Cleveland, OH, providing emerging culinary talent a platform to build their brand by sharing their dishes with other foodies, hearing feedback about their cuisine, and creating an archive of their creations. Founder, Tonya Kinlow of Kinlow Enterprises, wants to encourage all members to embrace mindful eating, cooking at home and prevent food waste through sharing.